Monday, May 30, 2016

Thanks Qatar Airways

aforementioned entertainment center
After my layover in Chicago, I have been flying Qatar Airways. I am going to go ahead and throw out a new tagline for them. I would tell you what their current motto is, but I forgot it, so it must not pop like it should. How about this? “Qatar Airways: It’s like the Hindenburg, just without crashing, and it’s an airplane.” Rolls off the tongue, right? If you’ve ever flown QA, you know what I’m talking about; everyone essentially gets their own entertainment center. And that’s just “coach,” first-class looks like the lobby of a Hilton.

So, to commemorate my time from those twenty hours of air time, I would like to plagiarize Jimmy Fallon’s methods and write an open thank-you letter to Qatar Airways:

  1.          Thank you for being the only airline which isn’t unyieldingly committed to the question, “Does one must have claustrophobia to lose sanity in confined space?”
  2.          Thank you for offering a “best of 2014” music option to remind me how glad I am that it’s not 2014 anymore.
  3.          Thank you for actively recognizing that while tigers on leashes make cool pictures to advertise the wealth of your cities, they aren’t safe on planes. #blessed
  4.          Thank you for the reminder that no matter how luxurious the airline, the old adage will remain true, “girls will be girls and airplane food will be airplane food.”
  5.           Last, but certainly not least, thank you for bringing me to the Doha, Qatar airport, where they raffle out Porsches. Because, you know... why not?

For a mere $138, try your odds at winning this baby.

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